"from the edge"

FictionJunction feat. LiSA

Written, composed, and arranged by: Yuki Kajiura

The ending theme of Demon Slayer is “from the edge” by Yuki Kajiura, Demon Slayer's music composer,
featuring LiSA as a vocalist for the first time for Kajiura’s musical ensemble, FictionJunction.
These two artists came together thanks to an offer made by the animation team,
who wanted to bring a stronger sense of artistic unification and
completion to the project by having the same artist sing for the opening theme and ending theme.
To make Demon Slayer truly special, they requested that Kajiura, the background music composer,
and LiSA, the artist responsible for the opening theme, make an original song specifically for the project.
Yuki Kajiura's Remark
I am honored to have been given the opportunity to work with LiSA to create the ending theme for Demon Slayer. The animation team asked us to give a sense of continuously moving forward to the end of the show, so I wanted to make a song where LiSA’s voice guides the main characters beyond some invisible path. I hope we managed to make a song that matches the tone of Demon Slayer’s world!
Yuki Kajiura’s official website:

LiSA's Remark
I’ve been given the great opportunity to not only do the opening theme for Demon Slayer (“Gurenge”) as LiSA, but also sing the ending theme (“from the edge”) as FictionJunction feat.LiSA. I was really nervous working with Ms. Kajiura, but I did my absolute best to match my voice to the music. I would be delighted if everyone enjoyed the world of Demon Slayer from beginning to end every week.